Event Planning and Hosting

Plan your next event

Planning an event for your brand? Whether your organization is launching a new product, recognizing your staff's hard work with a trip to an extravagant destination, or simply want to bring an experience to your consumers, let Hollywood's get your party started. 

Hollywood’s Productions partners with retail brands, concert organizers, and sports entertainment producers to envision, create, run, staff, and execute memorable events. Our team provides turnkey, one-stop solutions, working with clients from their first creative idea to the event clean-up crew—and every step in between.

Learn about our stage equipment and concert services here, including our mobile concert state, sound and lighting capabilities, and ticket activation services.We offer event staffing capabilities, including help procuring the right promotional models, which you can search on our Promo Models and Staffing page.


On-Site Activation

Hollywood’s Productions properly activates and staffs vehicles as part of each mobile marketing program. On-site activations foster experimental marketing, engrossing the brand into the event and making it more memorable to the client’s specific market demographics. {Engrossing the brand into the event… How about immersing instead?}

We have the experiential marketing experience to manage all pre-event communications and event activation logistics to ensure your event-marketing program is on-target and on-schedule.

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