The "Smoothest Grill" Giveaway

Keystone Light, Brad Keselowski, and Team Penske #2smooth Giveaway

The World's "Smoothest" grill


Grab a Stone, Grill and Chill.

Hollywood’s Productions had the pleasure of working with the Keystone Light X Penske team to come up with something great, the world’s smoothest grill!


This isn’t your typical grill, it’s EPIC. With show stopping features, this half race car, half grill is guaranteed to impress everyone at your next cookout! The front of the grill was constructed to mirror Brad Keselowski’s #2 Blue Deuce race car. Features include, a Bluetooth speaker for jamming, push to start igniter for easy lighting, a cooler to keep those KEYSTONES cold, two propane tanks, an umbrella with solar powered lights and lastly, a grill!


The grill was up for grabs in a contest and there was only one lucky winner!


View our contest video: 


A big THANK YOU and job well done to everyone that played a part in bringing this grill to life!

We would like to thank Billy Crow and Carolina Collision team, Brian (videographer), Brad Keselowski, Keselowski team, Team Penske, and Keystone Light for all their hard work in making this grill possible. 

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