Coors Seltzer Stream

Seltzer With A Mission

Seltzer with a mission

Hollywood's Productions has teamed with a hard seltzer on a mission! A mission to restore America's rivers... Coors Seltzer!

Why? Because 80% of America's largest rivers are drying up.

How? Each 12 pack helps restore 500 gallons of clean water restored to America's rivers.

What? Through Coors Seltzer's partnership with Change the Course River Initiatives

Impact? 1B gallons of water restored in the first year alone. 


To get consumers excited about the brand and the mission, Coors Seltzer and Hollywood's Productions has developed the Coors Seltzer Stream. The 32 foot, vintage Airstream unit offers a great footprint for sampling, point-of-sale, signage, and a stand-alone interactive element. The interactive element allows consumers to share their "Volunteering" experience through social links, text, and email. 

Imagine a world where "Volunteering" for the rivers becomes code for drinking Coors Seltzer. Now it can be!


Coors Seltzer flavors: Black Cherry, Grapefruit, Lemon Lime, and Mango

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