Cam Newton Foundation

For Every 1

For Every 1

In 2014, Hollywood's had the pleasure of representing an American football icon, Cam Newton, and his foundation, The Cam Newton Foundation. Along with the support of his corporate sponsor, Under Armour, we were able to take his message on the road!


Every 1 Learns, Every 1 Plays, Every 1 Gives


Learns - Enhancing youth education and academics

Plays - Highlighting the importance of physical fitness, nutrition and health

Gives - Fostering holiday outreach and community service


Under the theme of "Every 1 Matters", the Cam Newton Foundation establishes and strengthens relationships in the Charlotte and Atlanta communities. This program provided gear and other needed materials to student athletes to help them strive to be more involved with the sport of football and their surrounding communities. 


Since, 2012 the Foundation has provided $5.12 million in grant funding, year-round programming resources and donations to schools and non-profit organizations in Charlotte and his hometown of Atlanta. The Foundation has also impacted over 6,600 student-athletes through positive programming. 


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