Miller High Life & Harley Davidson

Toasting To Our Freedom

Toasting To our freedom 

For more than 116 years, Miller High life has proudly supported the search for what is genuine and authentic in our lives. Through the multi-year partnership with Harley-Davidson by helping brewmaster make a batch of the Champagne of Beers.


Born across the street from each other in Milwaukee, Miller High Life and Harley-Davidson has been making timeless American products for more than 116 years. This partnership in 2014, along with the help of Hollywood's Productions, raised a glass to those who make the American "Pursuit" possible by supporting the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA). These American icons donated a customized Harley-Davidson bike to IAVA for auction, with proceeds benefiting the IAVA. 


To those that have served or are currently serving any branch, anywhere, this is a toast to you as everyday should be your day. 


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