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Wheels Of Steel

It's festival season… your favorite band is about to hit the stage… but it’s blazing hot and you could really use something to cool you off for the set. You see a colorful food truck parked beside the water station. You ask yourself "What is that?". The person beside you shouts out, "It's the Wheels of Steel!".


What the heck is the "Wheels of Steel"?


We're so glad you asked!


Hollywood's took a very unique beverage, and added an ice cold refreshing twist to it. The Wheels of Steel have traveled throughout the USA to bring Steel Reserve in the form of a frozen slushy to its hip, youthful fan base.

Steel Reserve has been around since 1994, but recently the brand has released a new lineup of fruit flavored 8.0% ABV... yes, we said "8.0%"... 16 fl oz cans. MillerCoors introduced the lineup to pique interest in newly legal-age drinkers. Some of these flavors include: Blue Razz, Tropic Storm, Spiked Punch, Hard Pineapple, Spiked Watermelon, BLK Beery and Spiked Strawberry Burst.

The food truck-like vehicle captures the attention and curiosity of anyone who enjoys bright colors and bold marketing to support the brand’s tagline, "Curious is Calling.” The Wheels of Steel has since been at major hit at festivals such as Carolina Country Music Festival, Jazz Fest, Red River Showdown, MillerCoors District Convention and Murphy USA Convention.

It's #AlloySZN 

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