Vizzy Bubble

Vizzy Bubble

Extra bubbles. Extra vitamins. Extra refreshing. 


There is nothing wrong with being a little "extra" sometimes, right?


Known for its antioxidant levels, acerola cherry is a super fruit with 30x more Vitamin C per cup than an orange. Crazy I know... After first being announced in December, Vizzy Hard Seltzer is now available nationwide and features four bright and refreshing flavors. In the crowded hard seltzer category, Vizzy is the first and only hard selter made with this antioxidant Vitamin C super fruit. Vizzy offers something truly special as the first hard seltzer with these antioxidants and is gluten free with 5% alcohol. 


In order to meet the high demand of this newly released premium refreshment beverage, the Molson Coors Beverage Company has teamed with Hollywood's Productions, Inc. for the custom fabrication, logistics, and program management of the "Bubble". These true airstreams in correlation to the packaged product, gives that premium curb appeal with a lot of ORANGE, a lot of WHITE, and a lot of EXTRA


The unit itself, offers as a point-of-sale within a 12' x 16' footprint, and an interactive piece for those who want to share how they are enjoying the extra with a GIF. The customizable element is sharable for you and your social centered friends on social networks. 


We feel its always a necessary to be a little "extra". Now its your turn!


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