Miller "Lite" Bar

Miller "lite" bar

The Miller Lite Bars are eye-catching at first glance! From the elegance of the industrial style lights to the barn wood and foe white-washed brick façade adorned with a distressed graphic of the Miller Brand. Along with an illuminated Miller Lite can as the focal point of the backwall. These features accented with LED underlighting to enhance this rustic yet industrial feel. These attributes make Miller Lite Bars the center of attention! 

Miller Lite Bars are a robust investment just as the taste, 40" H and Back Sign is 50" H with the Total Dimensions: 12' L x 7' W x 8’ H. Let HWP help you create an experience for your audience to enjoy! Miller Lite was represented well with the debut of these bars at the BWW Conference, the Daytona 500 as well as The Lions Draft Day, all in 2019.

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