Cold Zone

step into the cold zone: 

The Silver Bullet Cold Stream, a custom Airstream trailer equipped with technology that pours Coors Light drafts below freezing temperatures. The 32-foot Airstream is outfitted with four draft lines that pour Coors Light at between 27 and 29 degrees Fahrenheit and a cold room able to hold up to 12 half barrels of Coors Light. 


At larger events, the trailer is flanked by air-conditioned decks. To enter the area, drinkers walk through a Coors Light-branded mountain archway, which blast cold rocky mountain air on customers. This oasis is for anyone seeking cold refreshment and a break from the heat and the crowds. We take them into our world by providing dynamic consumer experience that reinforces cold at every touchpoint. 


"It's all designed to provide multisensory experience that uses Coors Light as the catalyst delviering a cold, refreshing experience to drinkers spending their day in the hot summer sun"        - Dana Mason


This initiative is part of a larger strategy for our client, Miller Coors, to connect with younger legal-age drinkers through experience-based activations. 





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