Dallas Cowboys


HWP’s cocktails on tap party bar holds Beam Suntory’s most loved spirits such as Jim Bean, Pinnacle Vodka, Makers Mark, Cruzan Rum, and Hornitos Tequila. Being at AT&T stadium, the bar is visible to a large audience and foot traffic at every Cowboys home game. This partnership has continued for 6 years due to its large success and consumer attraction. Fans have become accustomed to seeing the party bar and now consider it as a Cowboy’s landmark. The hashtag, #Cowboyrita has become prevalent among all social media platforms and constantly growing in popularity at each game.

The festive colored mixed drink beverages are served in tall Cowboy souvenir glasses and starting to make appearances at other events located at the stadium. The bar typically opens during tailgating and runs until the beginning of the last quarter, making this a 6.5 hour time span for the activation. With the average revenue of $70,000 and incoming attendance of 50,000, the party bar exceeds the expectations of the consumer and brand every season and every event. 

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