Mike’s Hard Lemonade

Tailgate Time

During the fall months of 2015 we were able to work with Mike’s Hard Lemonade to coordinate a series of 62 tailgate activations for college football spread over 30 event days. This was a full tour of New England to promote the Mike’s Harder brand with a lot of help from the HWP Mike’s Hard Hummer and Tailgate Grill! Every event day was something different complete with fun-filled grilling, chilling, and sampling of the Mike’s Harder product. Over the course of the program, anywhere from 50-800 hotdogs were prepared and served per day depending on event time and specific location. Final numbers for grilling over the course of this program ended up as a whopping 4,569 hotdogs and 320 hamburgers! WOW! A testimony from driver/coordinator, Daniel Bailey admits, “Mike's Hard Lemonade is a pretty laid back company. They are a great group to work with. I always see great results from their marketing as far as sales and brand awareness. People seem to love the mobile marketing that we provide them.” –HWP Program Coordinator, Savannah Thomas

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