Redd's Apple Ale

 Redd’s Taco Truck Texas Tour

With 16 cities in two months, Hollywood’s Productions successfully took on the prevalent trend of today’s food truck craze. Touring throughout Texas, the Redd’s Taco Food Truck was an eye catching activation that engaged the audience from a routine trip to the grocery store and also a mobile billboard while on the road. Serving 500 street style tacos enticed customers to learn more about the Redd’s Apple Brand brand and to pick different while shopping for their beverage of choice. With 64 stops on the map and over 32,000 impressions we believe that Hollywood’s demonstrated that Redd’s Apple Ale is more than a drink, but a perfect food pairing experience. Our team connected with the target audience, took on all permits necessary, and prepared the cuisine for all locations. This is how we came to believe we have mastered the fundamentals of the mobile food industry and take on any food truck challenge that awaits.

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